Minister's Message

Our association, which brings together the producers of beekeeping materials and bee products, is a spokesperson for the common problems of the producers, is a pioneer in their projects, and supports the promotion of all products produced by our members to the Turkish and World markets, carries out all its activities in line with this purpose.

Mehmet Vahdettin KÜÇÜKBENLİ



It was established in March 2015 in order to find solutions to the problems of manufacturers that provide goods and services to the beekeeping sector, to contribute to their economic and institutional structures, to contribute to the development of the beekeeping sector, especially in the international arena, by participating in collaborations that will benefit the beekeeping sector. It continues its activities in Kahramankazan district of Ankara province, which is considered one of the central points of beekeeping in our country. There are beekeeping hand tools, machine equipment manufacturers, bee feed, premix manufacturers, manufacturers producing on bee health, manufacturers producing artificial honeycomb and bee cake, queen bee and bee producers, and hive producers within the body of the association.

ARMASAD's Vision;

To turn our association members into companies that renew themselves in the beekeeping sector, with high competitive power and add added value to our country in order to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in the national and international markets, to become Turkey's reliable and respected organization that leads the sector with the power of the brands it is a member of.

Mission of ARMASAD;

To find fast and permanent solutions to all kinds of problems experienced by manufacturers producing beekeeping materials and bee products, with the opportunities provided by being a Non-Governmental Organization. To act jointly with the stakeholders of the sector and to contribute to the development of the beekeeping sector in our country.